Project Overview

The City of San José Department of Transportation is leading the effort to extend Charcot Avenue over I-880, from Paragon Drive to Oakland Road by initiating the environmental clearance of the Project. The Charcot Avenue Extension was added to the City’s planned roadway network in 1994 when the San José 2020 General Plan was adopted.

Project Status

Project is in the environmental clearance phase and will be assessing and documenting project impacts. For more information, see the City's Environmental Planning page.


The purpose of the project is to provide a safe multi-modal facility to:

  • Improve connectivity between the East side of I-880 and the West side of I-880
  • Increase capacity for the East/West travel across the I-880 Corridor
  • Provide safe bicycle/pedestrian facility over I-880 in compliance with the City of San Jose's Complete Streets Policy


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